Other economic absurdities that
Democrats must expose:

...because it's wrong to penalize success and hard work.

...After all, they came from, and understand, business.

...even though it is based on pitting the worlds' workers against each other.

...union bosses are only out for themselves.

...and the more the rich have, the more will trickle down to everyone else.

...Democrats are communists, or at least, socialists at heart.

...so when we tax wealthy investors, we lose jobs.

...so investors, not workers, create wealth.

...so we should give them all the tax breaks possible.

...Democrats just want to tax and spend today.

General Issues:

...It's a mountain, and a terrible defense of globalization.

...for those of Indonesia, Mexico, China and India.

...and how not to do it again.

...and the "crisis" is just a ploy by those who want to destroy it.

...Republicans' most important propaganda technique.

...and get the media on your side

     Conservatives argue that we should give rich people capital gains tax breaks for "investing in jobs," and to stimulate the economy. It's a phony argument. In most cases, it's simply another scheme to continue the transfer of wealth from middle and low income workers to the wealthy.

    You stimulate the economy and create jobs by getting money into the hands of consumers, not by helping the wealthy buy mansions in Paris, or invest in Chinese, Indian, Mexican, etc., businesses.

    The biggest cause of the depression of the 30s: the wealthy had plenty of money but the average person didn't have enough even to buy the products they needed that were in the stores. It's a painfully simple fact: when consumers have money to buy, someone will invest money to get it. When consumers DON'T have money to buy, NO ONE will risk their money to invest.

    Besides, let's face it. No one gets rich by working, except possibly movie actors, athletes, and a few others who are in some unique profession. That's why the wealthy will always be hiring others to do their work for them - because that's how you get richer in America. And we shouldn't give them tax breaks (capital gains), simply because they are getting richer from the work of others.

   Republicans also consistently ignore the historical fact that, after Clinton got his Deficit Reduction Act passed, in which taxes were increased for the top 1.2% of Americans, we had a decade of economic growth so strong that conservative economists were calling for the Fed to slow down the economy.

    Of course, much of the capital gains taxes that conservatives fight for are for passive investments, in which they add nothing to the economy. For example, suppose a person buys up ten rental houses, raises the rent, and then sells those ten homes at a huge profit. Conservatives say that he shouldn't have to pay as much taxes on his profit as a construction worker pays on his fixed salary. Or a secretary or a truck driver, etc.

    Not only does the investor make huge untaxed profits, he took several homes off the market and increased the price of homes for workers who may later want to buy one of them.

    That's a scheme that only a right wing conservative could love.

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