Class War in America: the Book

Economic absurdities that
Democrats must expose:

...because it's wrong to penalize success and hard work.

...therefore, we should eliminate the capital gains tax.

...After all, they came from, and understand, business.

...even though it is based on pitting the worlds' workers against each other.

...union bosses are only out for themselves.

...and the more the rich have, the more will trickle down to everyone else.

...Democrats are communists, or at least, socialists at heart. when we tax wealthy investors, we lose jobs. investors, not workers, create wealth. we should give them all the tax breaks possible.

...Democrats just want to tax and spend today.

General Issues:

...check out this 2-minute video.

...It's a mountain, and a terrible defense of globalization.

...for those of Indonesia, Mexico, China and India.

...and how not to do it again.

...and the "crisis" is just a ploy by those who want to destroy it.

...Republicans' most important propaganda technique.

...and get the media on your side

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Class War in America:

How Economic and Political Conservatives Are
Exploiting Low- and Middle-income Americans


Charles M. Kelly





The Brief

Part 1: Class Warfare: Strategies and Their Effects

  1. Traditional Conservatism:
    To Keep Wages Low, Quietly Manipulate the Prime
  2. The “Wage Inflation” Con:
    It’s Not Wage Inflation, It’s Profit Inflation
  3. The Great Debate,
    and a New Conservative Strategy
  4. Economic Growth: The Conservatives’ Catch-22
  5. Unmanaged “Free” World Trade
  6. Guess What: You* Are Now a “Worker” :
    *Engineer, Ph.D., computer programmer, scientist, :
    professional—and the usual others
  7. All Power to Investors; :
    Absolutely None for Workers
  8. The Victimization of American Workers:
    and the New American Morality
  9. The Coalition from Workers’ Hell: :
    Republicans and Conservative Democrats

Part Two: The Conning of America

  1. How Conservatives Lie with Statistics
  2. Taxes, and the 1993 Lesson in Econ. 101
  3. Taxes, Republicans, and Working Americans
  4. The Conservative Takeover of Social Security
  5. Corporations Should Run Our Country?
  6. Who Protects the Freedoms that Count?

Part Three: The War Against Traditional Values

  1. How to Destroy Traditional American Values
  2. The New American Royalty
  3. Time Is Getting Short
  4. Workers of America, Unite!
    Because Conservatives Already Have, and
    They Own Congress and the Presidency