Economics will never be a science because there are no objective analysts, and every school of analysts creates winners and losers. In other words, every economic theory affects the income and wealth of different categories of people and in different ways.

    Each analyst operates from a base of assumptions: that an economy should benefit the greatest number of people, and even the least should have a comfortable living—or it should benefit primarily the elite, however they are defined, and the lowest on the economic scale should be willing to sacrifice some comforts in return for the leadership by the elite.


Voters must be convinced...


...and it's easy to prove

CLASS WAR IN AMERICA: How Economic and Political Consrvatives Are Exploiting Low- and Middle-Income Americans

A Guided Tour of Conservative Values and Strategies—as They Describe Them

Since those who are doing so well in our society refuse to be swayed by the documented, reasoned discourse of others, it's time to direct attention to their own words in their own publications. This site draws attention the massive amounts of material that say the same thing: financial conservatives are ruthlessly taking unfair advantage of working Americans—and they are feeling virtuous about it.

Their concerted action is not so much a conspiracy as a religion, complete with its own set of values and moral standards. Today, the morality of any given action is to be judged solely by its impact on the bottom line. Greed, traditionally considered as one of the seven deadly vices, has now become a virtue. Our federal government's economic practices are to be judged only by their adherence to the new conservative bible, rather than by their impact on society.

Schizophrenia of America's Right Wing

The conservative bible consists primarily of five books:

  • The Book of The Wall Street Journal

  • The Book of Forbes

  • The Book of Fortune

  • The Book of Barron's

  • The Book of Business Week

The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Barron's, and Business Week are first-rate publications. Each is outstanding in a different way. However, they also have a schizophrenic mix of qualities that is important to understand.

Their factual reports of news events usually meet the standards of professional journalists about as well as most good news publications. Their coverage of what is actually happening in business boardrooms, the manufacturing floor, international trade and so on, is often our best source of information.

Their editorial policies and their interpretations of news events, however, seem to come from right-wing-outer-space somewhere. They toss professional journalistic standards out the window and become pure propagandists for the rich and powerful. After reading their editorials, one has to wonder: Do the editors ever read their own news stories? How can they possibly believe what they are trying to get their own readers to believe?

Because of this schizophrenic mix, they become valid, accurate and verifiable sources of two self-incriminating bodies of evidence. First, their editorials (and even a few of their news stories) present clear statements of the philosophies, goals, strategies, and biases of America's financial conservatives (fundamentally Republican and conservative Democrat, wealthy, formally educated, and/or powerful).

Second, their news stories accurately describe the undeniable disastrous effects of those philosophies, goals, strategies, and biases on workers and society—as conservatives themselves know them to be.

Americans need to know that this easily available proof exists and that it proves beyond doubt that Republicans are closet plutocrats who believe in aristocracy. Just go to the public library...

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