Documentation of Republican distortions

...and Check It Out Yourself

If you question the accuracy or intent of any of the material in this web site, or my interpretation of them, you can easily look up the originals in the library. Or, better yet, you can do your own research. It's easy. Just:

  1. Go to your local library and sit down at its computer.
  2. On the opening screen, check "subject."
  3. Look up the categories of: "prime rate," "Federal Reserve," "inflation," "unions," "tax legislation," and "wages," plus any other economic categories you are interested in.
  4. Pick any time period since 1980.
  5. Select articles that are from The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Barron's or Business Week.
  6. Read the actual articles.

Then note how, with monotonous repetition, financial conservatives describe how they are keeping wages from going up, getting anti-labor legislation passed in Congress, destroying unions, pitting workers against each other and, in general, waging class warfare against American workers.

Their policies always benefit corporations and the wealthy, and always at the expense of workers.

Aside: Anyone can say anything about anybody. Liberals call conservatives liars and demagogues, and conservatives call liberals liars and demagogues. But that doesn't mean that the truth is midway between the two. It only means that—with modern, sophisticated techniques of propaganda available to everyone—the voting public must develop the ability to see through the smoke and mirrors that are massively produced every day.

Consider this web site as a study guide for your own investigation. Decide for yourself what to believe about our economy, our elected officials and our political parties. Follow the steps above and do your own self-directed reading. You'll find that America's financial conservatives are saying exactly what I have reported in this web site.

It's a matter of public record. There is no way they can cover it up.


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