"In his cheerful, confident, radical, professorial way, Gingrich explained that to do what he wanted, government first had to be completely discredited—ethically, programmatically, managerially, philosophically.... Once Washington-based government was totally discredited, hard-right conservatives could then sweep to power."

                              —Richard Darman, George Bush's Budget Director, 
                               who also served under Nixon, Ford, and Reagan

Here’s the real story about…


(…They're definitely NOT Eisenhower Republicans)

and Other Right Wing Assaults on Common Sense


DEMOCRATIC CAPITALISM: A political and economic system designed to "establish justice" and "promote the general welfare" of its citizens, just as the preamble to the constitution says. Its economy is designed to benefit workers, as well as investors and the established wealthy.

PLUTOCRATIC CAPITALISM: A political and economic system deliberately designed to unfairly promote the welfare of investors and the wealthy and powerful, and at the direct expense of the majority of its citizens. It's actually America's version of an aristocracy.

AMERICA'S RIGHT-WING, with Rush Limbaugh as a classic example, is changing the United States from a Democratic to a Plutocratic society. As with aristocrats of historical note, the foundation of their strategy is make greed and materialism virtues instead of vices, and to justify their own wealth—acquired by gaining control of our government.

THE GREAT LIMBAUGH CON and Other Right Wing Assaults on Common Sense is a common sense book about the family values of work, economic justice, and stewardship, how America's right wing is trying to destroy them, and what we must do to protect them. Book Reviews.


Limbaugh: the Model for Modern Demagogues

"Freedom": How to Turn a Truth into a Deliberate Lie

How Demagogues Lie with Accurate Statistics

Who is the "Successful" Rush Limbaugh?

How Limbaugh Degraded Real Work

Whoever Got a Job from a Poor Person?

You Can't "Balance News" with a Right-Wing Demagogue

Conservatives Are the Ones Who Are Attacking the Freedoms that Count


A Scam Against Workers

     Under the pretext of fighting for workers' rights, Limbaugh and his right-wing associates support an economic agenda designed to benefit the wealthy and the politically powerful—at the expense of low- and middle-income Americans. If they have their way, the growing disparity in income between the ultra rich and everybody else will only get worse, along with our national problems.

     They openly defend those who historically have always benefited when workers' wages are kept low and profits high, when jobs are exported out of our country, when the environment is raped, when a new tax system favors the rich—and so on.

     They artfully coverup the fact, however, that they also are from the same economic school that has fought every attempt to improve the lives of working-class American families—child labor laws, overtime laws, audited financial statements, safe working conditions, medical benefits, pension funding safeguards, etc.

     The public needs to understand these demagogues' role in covering-up the true objectives of the right-wing political movement, and the cause-and-effect relationships between conservative political ideology and its disastrous economic and social consequences.

Two Fundamental Elements of the Conservative Con:

The United States: How a Country with a Heart became a Business without a Conscience


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